How we met...

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Date PostedAlbum Name
7/17/05Second honeymoon (trip to Italy:)
MilanCinque Terre, Pisa, Sienna, Florence, Venice, Rome.
12/12/04Dave becomes Nolan's godfather
10/17/04Hot Tub/Back Yard Finished At Last
7/25/04Wedding Weekend Events
Wedding Day
Hot Tub Project - Step ONE
4/25/04Our New House
4/25/04Engagement Party
12/29/03Christmas in Florida and Belmont
11/30/03Thanksgiving at Dave's Mom's House
11/19/03Halloween '03 at Casa Tiff 'n Dave
11/18/03Pictures of Ella, Tiff's first niece
11/18/03Our "Firsts" album

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